The Best Luxury Clothing Brands in the World

Clothing Brands

The aspect of clothing has gone through a string load of changes through the past couple of years. In time, matters escalated from being a necessity to a luxury. Today, there are numerous brands that survive on the same and has been quite successful in creating a vast market for themselves. Their prices are so high and is in touch with top quality, comfort and luxury. By all means, getting hold of products from one of these brands tends to help you assess and enter a different world altogether. Hence, to give you the right idea, here are some of the best Luxury Clothing Brands in the world. Open this

Louis Vuitton


With a rich history that begins from 1854, Louis Vuitton has made quite a mark in the world of luxury clothing. Their products have emerged to be successful, and their target market is falling all for the same. Headling news and top events, seem to be like a usual activity for Louis Vuitton, as their brand travels the world. Being run by efficient and talented individuals, Louis Vuitton does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With the introduction of jewellery, Louis Vuitton can be considered as a brand to reckon with.


Thanks to Mario Prada back in 1913, Prada has grown up to be a recognisable brand all around the world. The combination of classiness and uniqueness tends to be their main highlight, as the brand has even come close to Louis Vuitton. But in terms of making something different, Prada might come up on top, at least for our list. Their brand does not believe in making the same thing, as they bring out something different that deems to be trendy.



The House of Dior came into existence in 1947 with a vast set of collection. Founded by Christian Dior, the brand has created a huge market of interested and loyal customers. Be it mega fashion events or launches, Dior has a specific role to play in all of them. With a slight change of management, Dior seems to be hitting the right chords and does the job perfectly. In all ways, Dior can be credited to drive a new kind of change.


The term Gucci is something that you inevitably hear at some point in your life. Be it pop culture or trends, Gucci stands on top regardless. Founded by Guccio Gucci in the 1920s, Gucci has come a long way. Although their record does not put them anywhere close to Louis Vuitton, they still manage to get a good piece of the cake. Today, the brand is recognised globally and be credited for a whole bunch of changes and accolades.

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